Toofaani a.k.a Harnek. I took this name up watching a TV show. I just wanted a pseudo name for online world. And from a pseudo name it just stuck to me so badly that I had to create a website with the name. World Of Toofaani has been online since 3 Aug 2000, it started as a small project in msfrontpage, which kept changing itself every year. From a ten page static homepage on geocities in 2000, getting its own domain in 2001 and growing to 100 pages, in 2002 going dynamic using asp, coming in top ten results on google in 2003 if you searched for jokes, to getting shut down in 2004 dues to spam hits coming to the server, to getting linked from no website at all in 2005, and no visits in 2006, it has come back in 2007. Its looking great. I am feeling charged up. And hopeful that you are liking it too.

I put up this small domain just to share things, share jokes, quotations, inspirational stories, with you all. Its just my small effort to use my technical know-how to be put in use for something good. What good, I dont know. May be its just a laugh that you had when you read a joke here. May be its a quote that you printed and put on your wall. May be its a story that you shared with your near one. Thats my reward. Thats the good I look for.

Hope you enjoy everytime you visit this small World Of Toofaani.