How do you confuse a blonde?

By putting her in a circular room and telling her to sit in the corner


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There was a burnette,a red head, and a blonde on a deserted island. A genie appeared to them and said, “I will grant you each one wish.”

The burnette said, “I wish I could swim.” ‘POOF’ She swam to the shore.

The red head said,” I wish I could swim too.” ‘POOF’ She swam to the shore.

The blonde said,” I wish I were a burnette!” ‘POOF’ she walked across the bridge!!

Whats jealous of a blonde?


The sun bacause a blondes hair is to bright .



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there once was a blond who was really dumb. when she read the word concentrate on her orange juice bottle she started to think really hard.

when she was going to take a flight somewhere she would see a sign the said airport left and went home.

when she passed passed a sign that said slow children. she would pull over and talk really slow ( cause she thaught some-1 could relate to her).

There was a sale preson and a blonde she came in and asked “Can I buy that tv?”

The sale preson said “Sorry we dont sale to blondes”

So she goes and gets a wig she  says “Can i buy that tv?”

He says “Sorry but we dont sale to blondes”

So with red hair she comes she says “Can I buy that tv?” He says “Sorry I dont sale to blondes”

Some of the best inventions of all time were made by blondes, like the inflatable dartboard, the solar-powered flashlight, and the permanent pencil.


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How do u get a blonde on the roof?

Say drinks are on the house!



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How do you kill a blonde?


Stick a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of a pool!



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A Blonde’s house was on fire and she called the fire department.

“How do we get there?” they asked her.

“Duh Big Red Trruck!”

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A blonde walks into a Doctor’s office and the Doctor said “Oh my I’ve never seen such 2nd degree burns in my life. How did it happen?”

“Well,” she said “the phone rang and I picked up the iron when it was on.”

“Oh” said the doctor, “but how is it 2nd degree?”

“Oh they probly called back”

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