Airline Ticket Office, Copenhagen: We Take Your Bags And Send Them In All Directions

Advertisement For Donkey Rides, Thailand: Would You Like To Ride On Your Own Ass?

Tourist Agency, Czechoslovakia: Take One Of Our Horse-Driven City Tours. We Guarantee  No Miscarriages.

A Laundry In Rome: Ladies, Leave Your Clothes Here And Spend The Afternoon Having A Good Time

An Advertisement By A Hong Kong Dentist: Teeth Extracted By The Latest Methodists

Hotel, Japan: You Are Invited To Take Advantage Of The Chambermaid

Hotel, Yugoslavia: The Flattening Of Underwear With Pleasure Is The Job Of The Chambermaid

Hotel Elevator, Paris: Please Leave Your Values At The Front Desk

Tokyo Hotel’s Rules And Regulations: Guests Are Requested Not To Smoke Or Do Other Disgusting Behaviours In Bed.

In A Cemetery: Persons Are Prohibited From Picking Flowers From Any But Their Own Graves